About Us – A Company History

We’ve all heard of great companies that started in a garage, Global RV Supply is one of those companies that started in a small garage and has grown to be an industry leader. It started with restoring and repairing trailers. Dmitri, the founder of Global RV Supply, quickly became interested in vintage trailers and shifted his restoration business to working on classics like Silver Streaks and Airstreams. Over the years he not only restored and repaired RVs for other people but he got into the RV lifestyle himself, traveling across most of the country and seeing first hand what is needed to make a trip go smoothly.

Finding that quality parts were hard to find the company began identifying the best sources for good RV products. At first we focused on parts for Airstream trailers and motorhomes. We became the largest supplier of Airstream parts and products on our flagship website Airstream Supply.Known for quality and the widest selection of parts anywhere.

Many of the manufacturers and brands that we work with for Airstream parts also make some of the highest quality parts for all other brands of RV as well. So it made sense for us to bring the quality and selection that people need to the a broader audience. That’s how Global RV Supply came to be. The company has grown on the principles we embraced years ago; quality parts, competitive pricing, and expert advice.

Global RV Supply has become a large company, selling RV parts all over the world for almost every brand of RV out there. Despite that growth we haven’t forgotten what makes the company work: Attention to detail, a focus on quality and treating customers with respect and a helpful attitude have been the qualities that made the company what it is today. For us it’s important that our customers get the products they need and service they deserve. That’s what we believe makes each person that buys from us a customer for life.